"To the south".  Visual chronicles of a roadtrip from Billings, Montana to Ushuaia, Argentina and beyond (DEC 2016 - APR 2018)

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Roadtrip: Project 1:1000, Volume I

Softcover.  123 pgs.  Color

published July 2022

This is a story of a roadtrip from Billings, Montana to where the road ends, in Ushuaia, Argentina.

15 countries

16 months

25,000 miles

40,000 kilometers

Each image tells a bit of the story, one thousand words at a time.

These are tales from the road and its people, places, and things.

Part meditation. Part estimation. Part realization.

These are stories that make up the story of a roadtrip. And an introduction to Project 1:1000.

View "book trailer" here  |  Visit Project 1:1000 here


@ 6 months

Nice Little Road

@ 1 year

@ 16 months

The Route



a smattering of (mostly) unedited stills from the road

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